Quiet Company at KGSR Studios Acoustic performance with BLOOD MONEY!

On June 24, 2010 Quiet Company was invited to KGSR Studios for an interview with Andy Langer & to play a couple of songs acoustic: It's Better To Spend Money... & How Do You Do It (this performance made it on the KGSR Broadcast Vol 18 CD) ALSO, the guys thought it would be a great time to pay Matt, our bass player, for producing the album in his home studio.. IN REAL BLOOD MONEY!

"A Nation Of Two" Live at the KGSR 20th Anniversary Party

Quiet Company performs "Nation Of Two" live at the KGSR 20th Anniversary Party on Dec 17, 2010.

"It's Better to Spend Money..." Live at KGSR 20th Anniv Party


This is live video for the KGSR 20th Anniversary Party at Texas Union Ballroom on Dec 17, 2010
Quiet Company: It's Better to Spend Money Today Like There's No Tomorrow Than Spend Tomorrow Like There's No Money from the album Everyone You Love Will Be Happy Soon.
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"Preaching to the Choir Invisible Pt 2" live from KGSR 20th Anniv Party

Quiet Company performs "Preaching To the Choir Invisible Part 2" live at the KGSR 20th Anniversary Party on Dec 17th, 2010 at Texas Union Ballroom

"On Modern Men" Live at KGSR's 20th Anniversary Party

Filmed Dec 17th at the Texas Union Ballroom for the KGSR  20th Anniversary Party

A Violent Flame Promo Video: Quiet Company "How Do You Do It"

Quiet Company performs their song "How Do You Do It" at their home studio in Austin, TX.

This is the 4th promotional video for Courrier's CD Release on January 28th at The Parish in Austin, Texas.

How Do You Do It

You, Me & the Boatman acoustic on Backseat Jukebox

Quiet Company - Live from Audiotree - 04/13