Shine Honesty / A Dead Man On My Back

How Many Times Do You Want To Be In Love?

You're heartstrings all came undone when she left you out in the sun. Well, what did you think it would feel like to be in love?

You're heartaches have served you well. If you're anxious, I just can't tell. Well, how many times did you want to be in love?


There must be something wrong, if all the people on the streets are all confessing your conceit, but you won't. Your tongue was forked and long, and it got you feeling strong, but all the apologies I made I should've taken to the grave and been done. So take your bottle off the shelf and try and drink until it helps (but it won't).

Won't you please just lay me down in the old familiar ground? Won't you please just lay me down?

And certain men may love, and certain men may love the fight, and they'll break their bodies But life is what you make, so write these words above my grave, "They took me for granted."

Because life is what you make it. Because love is what you've made it, and I made it my friend!

Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History

I wanted to say that I had a dead man on my back yesterday, but I cut him loose.

Because there's so much at stake, when you try to live life half awake. I made my mistakes, but I cut them loose, and I'm trying to hold on to hope.

I happened upon a girl with a love too big for her heart, so she rented it out to the boys who needed her quick. Then when she was old she thought that she felt death in her soul. Her heart had grown cold from all the nights that it spent alone, trying to hold on to hope...

...To hold on to hope, that this wouldn't be quite what she needs. She felt so alive under the sheets. But I won't condemn you. You know I won't judge you. I won't condemn you, love. We're going to make some good of this.

Tie Your Monster Down

I'm gonna buy a house for everyone I love, and we'll all reside above the empty streets. And I'm gonna dig a grave for everyone I hate, when their lives get in my way.

Won't you please give me something to calm my weary mind, because I did not have the time to work it out

There are angels in my bedroom, they've been sleeping on my fan. They say, "Sweet Taylor, lift your eyes up and understand that, the world, it keeps on moving at an uncompromising pace, so keep the spring under your step and keep the sunlight on your face."

You've got to make time to break bones, you're never gonna calm me down! And if you want to put me away, you're gonna need a miracle!

You've got to raise your voice sometimes to get things done, but I'm not the monster here. You've got to break some legs sometimes to get things done, but I'm not the monster here.

...Then Came A Sudden Validation

Oh, my love, don't you know a better time is here? We've got to hold on to it. So hold me close and promise you'll never let me go. You've got a hold on to me.

If I'm over worked; love me when I'm overweight We've to to hold on to this.

I can hear the church bells ring as everything falls into its place. So hold on!

Time will kiss away the scars that mark our feet from running in place for so long. Hold on!

And if someone turned the light off on the city streets, would your heart know how to find me? Could it guide your feet? And if the day should come when we can find no peace, we'll just keep begging to be baptized in the sunlight.

I Was Humming A New Song To Myself

And I guess I could say that the winds of change are blowing, because signs have started showing up at my door. So distribute my love to all you think deserve it, and keep a little for yourself.

But love, don't let me down.

Wouldn't you love to be what they wanted? And wouldn't you love to be what they needed? But honey, you know that you don't let me down.

I've been down so many times that I don't mind it. I've seen the light so many times that I don't like it. Can you feel the darkness chase away the sunshine? If the sun won't shine on me, I'll be okay, and I feel fine.

The Emasculated Man & The City That Swallowed Him

I think I really like this city. It's got everything I need: big tall buildings that I can hide beneath. Mom, I know you've got your worries. Dad, I know you've got your doubts. But I think I've finally got my whole life figured out.

Now that we're all aboard, and our plans have been set in motion, I'll be unsinkable, I'll be riding on top of the ocean. Never mind the signs that say "We're gonna hve to pay for this someday."

Heard it said that love is all you need, and you know I'd love to believe that, because if it ain't true, then Lennon lied to me. But I think I loved him for it, because it's the best philosophy. He might have known something that I don't know

Love Is A Shotgun

Love me when I'm complex, tolerate me when I'm not. Love will be the shotgun that we'll fire to scare them off.

I know that we ain't got much, but darling, it's enough. I pray that our friends will up and disappear, all the time.

Heal my heart if it's broken, lift me up when it weighs me down. Love will levitate me, serve, and save me, and pull me out from the snares of a pointless life and to the arms of a loving wife I pray that our lives are gonna settle down, all the time.

There's a light in your eyes that says I don't need anything but your smile and some rest. And it's the way that your hand fits in mine: like two puzzle pieces, so perfectly designed. And if you hold on to me like I hold on to you, I know we're gonna be alright.

So Gracefully

Watching my days go by; I'm sitting here without you & I think that I may be aging all too rapidly. You might not recognize me soon.

How I'd love to be in your arms, relaxed under the trees of the rocket park. The skies are blue and Texas surrounds you so gracefully.

How many times did I look at you and wish that you were mine? I need you now to hold my hand and whisper softly, and tell me I'm your man.


Long ago, the grass was green, the hills were capped with snow. But life wasn't better there, so I proposed, that you and me were meant for something more. Now tell me if you think I'm wasting time on chasing some dolled up dream that will leave me jaded. Well, I'd trade my skin to be young again And I'd bow out...

But I don't know what you want from me, you take it all. And I would give my eyes to see you brood of vipers get whats coming to you. (edited album version) But everything they say is habit, and everything they make is bullshit (original/live version)

Now tell me if you think I'm wasting time on chasing some dolled up dream that will leave me jaded. Well, I'd trade my skin to be young again and I'd bow out graciously, but now the Good Lord's waiting at the gates with affirmation of my demons. I would trade my skin for a little innocence and I'll carve out my name with my bare hands

...And the sun is shining on me again.

We Change Lives

I've been asleep for days and your love compelled my heart to wake. Now life is so full and sweet. You're my doll, you make my life complete. So we'll do everything right, and tuck the kids in at night. We'll be happy 'til we die. All that we need we'll have; all the luxuries, the treasures, all the pleasures and the fads will surely fit into the plan of a cheap gold ring, and a cheap gold band. And the money is safe in the bank, with the cars in the driveway, the bills are all paid. The kids off to colleges (they grow up so fast), but love always lasts. On my death bed. You're beside me, like it should be at the end of my journey. Heaven outstretched its perfect arms to me. Earth beneath me and time behind me. Heaven outstretched its perfect arms to me. Hell below me, and angels singing "Hallelujah" 'Oh, come back to me...'

When You Pass Through The Waters

I have walked these hills and down in the valley below, and the river took my sins away (the river made me whole). So I'll climb these mountains and I'll run through the garden, with a crown of diamond resting on my head.