Welcome to the brand spankin' new Quiet Company Official Page! 

We finally have a site that has all of our show dates, videos, songs and albums available in one place, just like every other band in the world... we just wanted to be the last band to do it.

Please take a look around and create a profile so you can be featured in our wonderful FANS section of our page. You can upload photos & videos to the QC shows you attended and leave comments about how incredible we were when you click on that show's poster. If you don't see a listing for a show you went to but have pics & video you would like to share, just leave me a comment on this blog with the City, venue and date (or whatever you can remember about it) and I will be sure to post that show on the SHOWS tab ASAP. Eventually I will have all of the shows up there from the last 2+years to FOREVER...

We will feature a QC Fan of the Week every week in our FANS section and tell the whole world how awesome you are. If you want to be a QC fan of the week all you need to do is create a profile on this site, interact with us on Facebook and/or Twitter, and help spread the word about us to your friends.

We will be adding a lot more stuff to this site in the future including some t-shirts, behind the scenes videos as we record our new album, and a way for you to earn free stuff just for attending our shows.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please either comment on this post or send me an email at and we'll get back to you asap.

We really want you to be a focal point of our site and build a community around our fans so please go to the shows, take lots of pictures & video, and come share them with the other QC fans. And most of all, follow and get to know each other. It makes the shows much more enjoyable when you can enjoy it together.


Paul & QC